Improve your firm's productivity with Time Matters® 2021

Update included with AMP Membership

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Integration with LawConnect in Time Matters 2021 gives you access to new file sharing capabilities.

LawConnect allows you to seamlessly share documents from Time Matters with colleagues and clients. Collaborate in a fully encrypted environment by highlighting document sections, commenting, and replying to other parties using the LawConnect platform.

You can also manage access to documents for various parties within Time Matters. There is no additional charge for LawConnect services through Time Matters, and no additional configuration in Time Matters is required.

Get advanced court-deadline calendaring and robust docketing in Time Matters with LawToolBox.

Help protect your firm from missed court deadlines by syncing your matters to automated rules-based calendaring for a broad range of case actions in state and federal courts throughout the United States, Canada, and other countries.

Access a docketing system with automated rule changes, custom reporting, email reminders, audit trail, customizable templates, and more. LawToolBox offers a variety of pricing options.

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What else is new in Time Matters 2021?

  • Updated compatibility - This new version includes support for Acrobat Pro 2020 and QuickBooks 2021. Take advantage of new features and improvements. Bug fixes also improve the reliability of Time Matters link with PCLaw® for improved interoperability.

  • Security updates - You can now update your network security to disable TLS 1.0 and SSL 3.0 without impacting Time Matters.

  • SQL Server Express 2017 installation option - Save time with the new Time Matters installation option where SQL Server 2017 Express edition is provided with the installer.

  • Rolling-work-week view calendar option - Keep your focus on today and the week ahead with the new rolling-work-week calendar view.

All Time Matters AMP Membership customers can update to 2021. Having the latest version of the software is a benefit included in your Membership.