Comprehensive mobile time tracking and calendaring with your Time Matters software

Included with AMP Membership

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With the Time Matters® Go app, you can track your billable hours and matters, and view, edit, and add to your Time Matters® calendar from your mobile device.

Compatible with iOS and Android devices, Time Matters® Go allows you to bill faster by associating your time to the cases, clients, and matters already in your Time Matters® system.

Search for and access your Time Matters contacts from your mobile device.

Tap details to call, text, email, or open maps for navigation.

Update existing contact information and create new contacts.

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Enhance Your Efficiency On The Go

Built-in timer and time entry features with billable hours updates

Pre-populating client and matter lookup integrated with Time Matters ®

Convert calendar events to billable hours

Voice-to-text for faster time and data capture

Automatic spelling correction

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